Aikido for Kids

Aikido is a martial art focused on self defense. Our fun classes challenge your kids to become:

Respectful & Social
Aikido has no competitions. Kids train cooperatively with partners and in groups, learning to show respect for peers and teachers.
Focused & Calm
From meditation to warm-up exercises to the careful study of technique, children practice being aware, relaxed, and attentive to details.
Healthy & Strong
Aikido practice cultivates full-body strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance.
Age Groups

Little Samurai

Classes for ages 4-5

Kids classes

Classes for ages 5-7
Classes for ages 8-12
Mixed classes
Advanced classes

Teen classes

Classes for ages 11-15
Adult basics classes for ages 13+

Schedule & Location

9:00 AMAges 5-15
11:15 AMAdult Basic
Age 13+
Adult Basic
Age 13+
4:00 PMAges 5-7Ages 5-7Ages 4-5
5:00 PMAges 8-12Advanced
Ages 8-12Ages 5-15
Joining the Dojo


Free Uniform and Registration

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Kids Program
1 Month3 Months
Ages 5-15
Unlimited Classes
$125$315 ($105/month)
Ages 5-15
1 Class/week
$65$165 ($55/month)
Little Samurai
Ages 4-5
$65$165 ($55/month)
Ranks & Tests
Testing is an important part of Aikido practice because it helps kids to focus on the core skills of the art. At Florida Aikikai, our testing exemplifies our approach to teaching kids: it combines the serious and demanding nature of traditional martial arts with the warm, supportive teacher/student relationships that we believe are vitally important for helping kids to grow in a healthy manner. Every kid who is new to Aikido begins as a white belt and gradually progresses through our belt system at their own pace. Most kids test once a month in the beginning, and once every two months after they have obtained their yellow belt. After reaching yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple belts, things get a little harder! Red belt, brown belt, and advanced brown belt tests are pretty demanding, and the kids that reach those levels are very skilled and getting ready to practice with adults.